The Dream

One day I was in my room sleeping when suddenly my alarm clock started ringing.  I groaned and stopped the alarm clock and went back to sleep. After some time, my mother came in my room and told me to wake up but I ignored it and just went back to sleep. This time my mother started pulling my blanket and yelling at me that my vacations are over and I will be late for school. On hearing this I sprang up and started getting ready for school when I had a look on by homework. I turned pale. I hadn’t even touched the homework. Then suddenly as a miracle a box strapped to a parachute flew in from my window. The box was heavy so, I knew that something was there inside it. When I opened it, I found a sheet in which it was written “Dear reader, this is a dreaming pillow. Just wish something and sleep on this pillow. Your wish will be fulfilled.”. I was very delighted when I read these words.

So, first I wished that I was the greatest person in the world and then lay my head on the pillow. Sleeping was not a big challenge to me. Before I knew it, I was asleep. When I woke up I was walking towards my school everyone who saw me bowed at me as they went. It was a great feeling. A feeling of respect. When I entered my classroom. Everyone stood up to wish me. Even my teacher. At recess, everyone wanted to share their lunch with me.

When I got home, reporters were standing at my doorstep. When they saw me, they fired all sorts of questions at me and I had to answer all of them. When I finally entered my house, my father rushed to me and told that the president wanted to talk to me. When I went to my mother, she told that a studio wanted to make a movie of my life story. When I got to my room, I got to work on the space shuttle I was working on.

When suddenly two men dressed in black came towards me with their guns pointed at me. When I asked them what they wanted, they told me that they were from another country and were sent by their government to get me to work for their country. When I said no they loaded their guns. Luckily my pillow was at my arm’s reach. It had a button that was labelled as reset. As quick as lighting I pressed the button.

A moment later I was back in my own house and my mother was waking me up. I woke up startled and frantically started looking for my homework and the pillow. I found my homework but not the pillow. I checked it and it was unfinished. I started crying. My mother asked me why I was crying and I told her about my homework and that today was the first day of school. My mother started laughing and said that this was the first day of my vacation. ‘So, this was only a dream?’ I asked my mother and she said yes. So, the whole day I wondered if this is a dream or reality.


21 Replies to “The Dream”

  1. Wonderful story, Neev! Bet first half of your dream will come true one day!
    Aayush loved your story as well. Hope all little ones get inspired by your talent of writing!

  2. Very well written neev ! You surely have a way with words. Loved your creativity and imagination.. Keep Writing and I sure ur dream will surely become a reality!

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