The True Friend

Once upon a time, in a village there was a small boy named John. His friend was a tree. He talked to him, swung on his branches, joked with him and shared his sorrows and happiness.

But, as John grew he had less time to spend with the tree. That made the tree sad. But, he knew that it was for John’s good. When the time had come for John to attend college he took a photo of the tree with him to the college. The tree was feeling very lonely.

After some years when he came back he had become a man. The tree asked him how was college but John had become harsher and told him some harsh words. But, the tree knew that he still was his friend. But, now John did not come to the tree as often as he used to when he was a kid. When John had a family, he came to the tree to ask him for some wood to make his furniture and the tree agreed. So, John mercilessly cut all the tree’s branches with an axe. But, the tree still knew that John was his friend.

After some years, John again came to tree. This time he told him that he wanted to travel around the world and needed wood for making a boat. But the tree agreed. So, again John cut the bark of the tree leaving only a stump of wood. When he made a boat with it, he went on to travel and explore new countries leaving the tree behind. But, the tree still considered him as his friend.

After a long and sad wait, the tree finally got to see John. He had become old and wrinkly. This time John asked the tree that he only wanted a stump to rest on. The tree replied and said, “the only thing left of me is stump and my dying roots”. On hearing this John’s eyes were filled with tears. He hugged the tree felt sorry for what he had given to his true friend. but, the tree instantly forgave him. John felt thankful that he had such a good friend.


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  1. This is really amazing. This is what the world needs..Selfless love and humanity. Good work. Keep it up Neev. God bless !!

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