The Missing Dog

The Missing Dog

It was during the time of Diwali when I came upon this case.

I woke up that day only to hear my bell ringing. I quickly woke up and went to see who was ringing the bell. When I opened the door, I saw that it was my neighbour, Aryan.

I asked him what was so important, and he said, “I have lost my dog, Snowy. I had heard that you had some detective experience and figured that you could help me.”. When I heard this I replied, “Yes, I have had some experience with this kind of thing. I will help you.

Before I begin my investigation, I need to ask you some questions; Of which breed was your dog? Of what colour was your dog? When and where did you last see your dog?”

To my questions he replied, “He was a Labrador. He was white in colour. I saw him last evening.”

After he answered my questions, I told him to go back to his house and not worry about his dog.

After about 5 minutes, I got a call for Aryan. I answered it. He told that Snowy had come back. I said that I was happy for him.

That evening when there were many crackers blasting in the sky Aryan called me and said to me that Snowy was not to be found again. I was puzzled. How could Snowy have gone missing again?

I was thinking about it when I got the answer.

I called him and asked him whether there were crackers blasting last night when Snowy first went missing and he said yes. I told him about my theory that Snowy was afraid of the loud noises of the crackers and ran away to a safe place where he could not hear the noises.

He understood this and told me that he would mind this and take care of Snowy.


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