Chapter 4: The Bullies

When I turned around, I came face to face with a T-Rex that started laughing when it saw us shocked. ‘Didn’t I get you there’ it said to Joey. Joey frowned at him. Then they started arguing about whether we were scared or not. When I listened some of the argument I came to know that the T-Rex whose name was Louis was a bad dinosaur who troubled the squirrels. At that point, Joey must have said him something bad that sent Louis in a shock. After he recovered he ran away saying that he will be back.

At that point, it was very late and we were very far away from our nest. So, Joey told us that we could spend the night near their nest. We readily agreed. When we reached near the squirrel’s nest Joey introduced us to his mother. After that, his mother gave us a meal of nuts. When we went to sleep she also told us a bedtime story. After that she told us to go to sleep.

The next morning, when I woke up we started our journey to our nest. Joey and Squeaky volunteered to guide us out of the wilderness. After some time, we heard some rustle in the bushes. When we got closer to the bush, suddenly Louis jumped from the bush with some other t-rex. Then without any warning he suddenly roared at me and attacked me. I was lucky that my brother was nearby and he saved me at the last second. But Louis wasn’t done yet- he pounced on me but this time I dodged him and we started running towards home. I ran as fast as I could. When I saw my nest, I ran even faster. When we got to our nest we quickly snuggled into our mother’s lap and our mother hugged us back. I told her all about our adventure and how Louis was chasing. So, when Louis came mother headbutted him and Louis went flying away. On seeing Louis flying, the other T-Rex ran away.


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