Chapter 3: Exploring the Wilderness

Today the day finally came when me and my brother took off to the wilderness. When we were going out of our nest we needed to get out of there as quickly as possible without getting noticed by any of the other triceratops.

Once we got out of the nest safely, we started our journey to the wilderness. Once we reached the wilderness we started exploring. We saw many new plants, animals, bugs and many other things that we had never seen before. We were truly enjoying ourselves and couldn’t reason that why were they not allowing us to such a beautiful place and why had we not come to this place before. I was just thinking about it when suddenly we heard some rustling in the bushes. When I turned around I saw that two small, cute creatures were standing there and staring at us. At first, we were astonished but after I recovered from my initial shock I asked them “What are you and why are you staring at us”. They answered me that they were ‘squirrels’ and the first one said that his (its voice gave its gender) name was Joey and the other one said that her (the voice) name was Squeaky. Joey looked good and serious but Squeaky looked mischievous. As I was thinking, joey started talking to me. He told me that he and Squeaky were siblings and they were just playing in the woods. Meanwhile, Squeaky was busy climbing on top of my head. When she reached near my nose, her hairy tail tickled my nose and before I knew it I sneezed loudly sending little Squeaky flying in the bushes. When we reached there, she was lying there grinning broadly. She asked if I could do that again but, we did not listen to her. Joey said that he could be their guide in the wilderness and they could also play with them. It sounded good to me so, I agreed. Just after that I heard some sounds. The sounds were coming nearer and nearer when I saw who was making the sound I nearly froze out of fear.


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