Chapter 2: Living Together

Now that I have started living with my family I also got to know many facts about dinosaurs-

  1. There are many species of dinosaurs
  2. Our species is called Triceratops
  3. Some dinosaurs eat only meat (carnivores)
  4. Some eat only plants (herbivores)

I also learned that the thing I called ‘box’ was called an egg.
Although we eat only plants, we are not weak. We also have our own self-defence- horns.

So, now let’s get back to my family. In total, we were 5 siblings- three brothers (including me) and two sisters. I was named scales, because I was almost covered in scales. So, as we were young dinos we played almost the whole day. The only time we sat down was when we were called to eat and sleep.

Our surroundings were very good and safe and we were allowed to play everywhere except a dense part in the forest that the dinosaurs called as the ‘wilderness’. One of my brothers had a closer relationship than others with me. We were young and very adventurous. So, one day when we were bored we decided to explore the wilderness. We decided to just not tell mother about any of this and come back before mother notices us missing. So, now we were about the do something very exciting and dangerous.


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