Chapter 1: Birth

The first thing I remember was darkness. It felt warm and wet. When I moved a little, I noticed that there was a wall around me. I felt an urge to break the wall and go outside. So, I kicked the wall hard. When I did that I heard a crack. So, again I kicked in the weak spot I had made. Just after that I again heard cracking sound and the wall broke open. I had entered a new world (The Dinosaur world)

The world I had just entered was a bit colder and dryer than it was inside that ‘box’ but other than that it was okay. As I looked around I noticed that I was still sitting in the ‘box’. I felt that I needed to move around so I gathered my strength and tried to stand up. After about using my whole power I finally managed to lift my body above the ground.

Just then I heard some squeals and just after that I saw some unknown creatures coming towards me. They seemed happy and excited. Behind them was another creature that was bigger than them. When the bigger creature came closer, it started talking to me. Surprisingly, I could understand everything that it said. It said that she was my mother. She told me that we all were dinosaurs that the smaller creatures that she had been running after were my brothers. But I still thought I could not believe these dinosaurs. I think that she might have seen the look on my face so she said to follow her where she led me to a puddle of something blue, wet and cold. At first I was frightened but she told me that it was just water and I did not need to be afraid of it. She told me to look carefully in the water. But, the ‘water’ was too wavy for me to see anything in it. After some time, the water settled and I saw another dinosaur in the water. I asked her (the bigger dinosaur) that who was there in the water. She told me that it was my reflection- it looked like me. Just then it struck me that all the dinosaurs I had seen till now looked like my reflection. Not only that, I could even understand their language. So, now that I realised that this was my mother and all the smaller dinosaurs were my brothers and sisters.


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